Sync collections offline

I work for a customer with a very close environment where access to Internet is denied from Dev machines. However we use Postman (offline) in the team.

What we currently do is to export from time to time and to send the collection json files to all colleagues so they can manually reimport it on their side.

I am just wondering if there is a solution for this, so we can use a shared location where we store our collection(s) files and enable automatic sync between all offline Postman instances in the same network.

Thank you for you help.

It’s not completely automatic but isn’t this the point of using a code repository.

I can’t see how an automatic sync would work though as that is one of the main points of the Postman cloud which your company is not allowing.

Yeah, having the json files in the code repository definitely crossed my mind, but we would still need to rely on manual reimport, so is not very different than having it in a shared network folder.

Shouldn’t they be in the same code repository as the rest of the dev code.

Ideally in a test folder.

That way the tests can be executed during the deployment process, and you have version control of your tests.