Version 6.1.3 not working on windows 8.1 enterprise

I have installed the latest version of postman 6.1.3 (64bit) on to my 64bit windows 8.1 enterprise machine however during the install postman opens and stays on the grey screen. The option to login etc doesn’t appear.

I have then installed previous version and this works fine as expected, i can sign in and use postman. When i click button to upgrade to latest version i get same issue as before. The program opens up and doesn’t load up properly - instead i have a grey screen (sometimes menu toolbar is visible - sometimes not). Issue solved by not upgrading and keeping the previous version.

Anyone know how i can get latest version that will work - has anyone else had this issue?

@MichaelBradley We are tracking a GPU issue in 6.1.3, Can you verify this workaround helps