Hello :slight_smile:
I can’t run Postman. I have a problem with the library, what is it?explorer_kAw3TLiBZV

After upgrading I get this error too. And reinstalling does not help. Any hints?

Hey @maintenance-technol4 && @anita104!

We’re investigating this issue internally. If y’all are up for it, would you open a ticket with our Support team?

Adding your app’s log files to the ticket would be a huge help in identifying what the root cause is.

Thanks for flagging this!

hey Chris.
thanks for the answer. I found a solution (i think so). I have installed the Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable package. Until now everything works. So I can’t send the logs for the moment. (maybe this error is related somehow to Visual Studio Code, because I’m also using it)

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I had the same problem. It happened because I had shortcut to wrong location of Postman.exe. Exe which is located directly in “Postman” folder won’t work (after update) but exe in folder „Postman\app-8.12.2“ is now working for me. I hope that this will help someone.



I’m just solve this problem ! I downloaded VCRUNTIME140_1.dll and I put this dll in the postman directory (app-8.12.1). And that work fine.