Variable not replaced in Documentation

Global variable is not replaced in example with value:

Is this a feature or a bug? The variable is defined as global variable. You see plain {{account}} here.

Hey @christopher.rudolf, this is intended behaviour.

Global variables are not resolved for published documentation since they are available in all scopes and one ideally publishes a collection with a specified scope of variables which are being used for the collection.

Therefore, using environment variables make more sense in scenarios like these. So if you create an environment in the same workspace as the collection, and then select that environment from the environment dropdown at the top, your variables would be resolved with the corresponding values from the environment.

This is what the environment selector looks like at the top, just in case, it wasn’t very clear. Feel free to reach out in case you have additional querries.

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Thank you very much! I also found, that there is a default environment for documentation visitors. Perfect!