Documentation and Environment Variables


I have an api that I am trying to create documentation for. The domain for the api will change depending on the value of the environment.

When I create the documentation, i see my environment variable as part of the request, but I don’t actually see the value associated with it. How do I see the actual value?

For example, I have a local environment and prod environment

Currently, the request for the documentation is {{DATA_API_HOST}}/test in the actual documentation, I would like to see http://localhost/test
Similarly in the prod environment, i see {{DATA_API_HOST}}/test but I would like to see

Hi there! :wave:

I believe this should work - have you tried the environment drop-down in the docs page to select the relevant environment? If that doesn’t work if you could screengrab your reference to the environment in the Postman UI, ideally while hovering over the variable reference that would be great. Screengrab of the relevant bit of your docs might help too.


Thanks for the quick reply. I did do the dropdown, but I just noticed that I used the wrong environment variable name. That’s why it wasn’t generating! I am so sorry! Thank you so much!

Great! Thanks for the update. :tada: