How can I get my variables to display on my published documentation when no environment is selected?

Here is an example of a call URL as setup in Postman:


{{apiV3url}} and {{clientid}} will get replaced by the values that are relevant to the API client.

However, on our public postman documentation page, if No Environment is set/selected, then these values are stripped out entirely from the documentation display. See screenshot.

Is there a way to make them display instead so that it is clear that there is a dynamic value that needs to be inputted here? I am unclear why this is not happening by default…

Welcome to the community @charlyv :wave:

Do you want those values to always show they are dynamic? Meaning you don’t ever want to select an environment for the public documentation?

If the collection is strictly for documentation purposes only, you could just remove the outer curly braces and leave it with single curly braces so it doesn’t try to resolve your variables:


This won’t work if you do want someone to select an environment, but if that’s not an issue then give that a shot.

Hi Allen,

Thanks a lot for the reply!

Unfortunately, I did want for the value to still get updated when an environment is selected.

Logic is that the default references parameters in the API response, and when an environment is selected, it then shows an example of the calls being populated. But without seeing the variable names when no environment is selected, it makes it a bit more difficult to see the context of where these values come from.

I might have to revert to submitting this question as a feature request instead by the sound of it…

I guess I’d have to provide more detailed instructions in the description of the calls and/or the intro area instead for now as a work around…

Thanks again either way for your response.

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