Documenting Global, Environment and Collection Variables

Postman allows documention comments (“Description”) for Query Params. I would also like to document my Global, Environment and Collection Variables in a similar manner to help future users understand how to use the variables and collections.

Does Postman have a supported method of documenting those variables? My searches in postman and online have not found any way to do this but I am hoping it is just something I am missing.

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You’ll need to add a markdown table in the collection’s description. This can list all variables required for the collection to run. There’s no native support for variable descriptions in our collection format.

Global variables are not exposed outside of the application hence the docs won’t work. As a workaround, you’ll need to move the variables into an environment template and publish that template with the collection in order for those values to be substituted. This link provides more information about Local and shared environment in the documentation. Hope this helps!

Thanks for the quick reply!

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