Update Api endpoint folders when updating ROOT .json


If I update my ROOT api definition .json, to add new endpoints, should I expect the folders to be created under my postman api folder

Im using Swagger, and after adding a new endpoint to my application’s API, I copy and paste the swagger json into my Postman API definition json.


I can see in the definition that the new endpoint is there - Postman is picking up the new json endpoint data, but I am not seeing a new folder with the endpoint under my Postman API endpoint folder list.


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It would be useful feature.

Having the same issue here.

Hey @aviation-physicist-1 :wave:

Could you expand on the full details of what you’re seeing, in your context please? :pray:

It would help to know exactly what you’re currently seeing or not able to do.

If would be beneficial to also include more about the context and any visual examples that you can share.