How do Postman's features fit together into a productive workflow?

Recently I had to evaluate a vendor’s API, and I found that Postman doesn’t match my workflow. Looking for some advice.

I imported the vendor’s Open API document into Postman. I expected to be able to easily create requests from the endpoints defined in this API. Then I could easily create a collection for each scenario that I want to use to evaluate the API. An example scenario: add customer, add subscription for customer, generate customer’s invoice.

But I can only create a collection for the entire API, which is not helpful. So now, even though I have a fine API definition, I am creating requests by hand, adding all the parameters one by one, and not benefiting from the helpful parameter documentation that the vendor added to their Open API document.

Am I missing something?

It depends on how the OpenAPI Schema is defined. According to this you can organise your scenarios into folders inside collection. Postman creates folders based on endpoint hierarchy. You can check out this OpenAPI definition: Postman OpenAPI

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When you click generate collection or import api , click advance settings and uncheck collapse folders with single request and change request name from path to tags this lets you create format same as your swagger UI

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