How to update an api via a json import?

I have a postman api documentation that I update automatically via a script (it creates new endpoints, descriptions ,et… from my rails app). I export the documentation json, run the script that will update the json file and then import the file updated from the postman desktop app.
My problem is that when importing the file, it does not update the current api but create another one. The message is something like “a documentation with same name exists, do you want to create a copy or replace it”. The problem is that in either case, the new documentation is a different one and I have to share it again with others, publish it again, and update the doc id in the “run in postman” embed button in my app, etc…

Is there no way to update an api via a json import ? So that I can update the api without having to share/publish a new api ?


Hi @lginoux,

The Postman API has an update endpoint, have you had a look at it already?

Hi, yes I just tried via your API update endpoint but I have now a 500 internal server error. FYI the json passed in a body is quite big, 1.2Mb of data. Can it be the issue ?
How can I update my doc ? I don’t have a way to update my collection at the moment…
I could give you more information in private if you need to. (the request made and the json sent)
Thank you.