Update a collection by yaml file import

I have a collection created by file import. Now someone has released a new version of that file (added some end point and updated some fields in existent APIs sign). I’d like to update that collection importing new file version but I can’t find this feature. Can anybody help me if this feature exists and where I can find it?

Thx in advance.


Here is a link to the UpdateCollection api in the Postman Pro documentation.

However, you might want to reconsider your strategy for making updates to collections, check out this link from the documentation.

Yes @allen.helton, you’re right, your proposal is a better way to merge new updates, but it’s not always possible. About my context, we often receive a new yaml file (we don’t know anything about changes) and it would be good updating a forked collection by file import and then perform a merge/conflict work after importing. It’d be great having “Update collection by file import” as a menu option on Postman client.