Update a collection with an open API spec file using the Postman API?


I’m evaluating postman as a solution for our API docs and I’ve been using the import external API specification endpoint to import an open api spec. This creates the collection on the first import and works fine (although I still need to work out how to choose which workspace it sends to).

The issue I have is that we will be continuously updating the spec, and would need to update our docs (by making an API call as part of our deployment pipeline) and from what I can see, this would just keep creating a new collection.

Is there a way to update an existing collection using an open api file?

Thank you for any help,

Hi Rob,

I don’t think this is possible yet.

The problem with this is that the importer needs to account for merge conflicts if you have modified anything on the collection itself. This is only possible through the UI.

Postman has many open-sourced components. I think there is an importer somewhere that takes a specification and output a Postman collection.