How to update ‘run in postman’ collection automatically, in the existing original collection?

I see this link on how to manually edit the collection and post an update keeping the same shared URL. This works great when manually editing the original import.

I would like to automate update process. For example, I have an existing collection established, I would like to use an updated yml file to update the ‘run at postman’ collection in place. The import function seems to always create a new collection which results in a new shared link. I can export as json on each collection, the original and the updated version, and compere to see the changes. Would like to simply import the json from the new export (version) into the run at postman collection I am maintaining. Or some other equivalent way to automate this process just importing the updated yml file keeping everything that is the same the same, and only adding the new/modified field definitions. The goal is not have the change the URL on the web site for our developers and not have to do this update process manually. And is there a work around for this if I am not reading the docs correct?

This approach with sharing the link is not the best way to keep the work synced.

The approach I recommend is using the Postman API (you need to generate a key), to fetch the latest version of the collection.

Also, consider using a Team workspace if multiple people need to edit the same collection.