Unresolved variable highlighting

I recently updated to the latest version of Postman (version 8.6.2). I’ve noticed that that unresolved variables on the params tab of a request no longer highlights red unless you click in the field that contains the unresolved variable.

Is this an intentional change? Or do I need to submit a bug on your github repo?

The top image is a mouse hover showing how the variable is showing up as orange (usually resolved environment variables), while the bottom one shows the red highlighting after clicking in the field.

Hey @psavage_jtv - is this also happening when you use the light theme? I’m not able to reproduce it myself.

My old man eyes can’t really tell (which is why I use the dark mode theme). I’ll let you be the judge about whether or not this is an issue in the light mode theme.

It looks like the bottom picture has the highlight (which is after I entered the field with my mouse cursor).

I agree that it doesn’t look right in the light theme either. Here’s my example where {{invalid-value}} doesn’t resolve to anything; in the address bar it’s very clearly highlighted red for unresolved, but in the param list, it’s the same colour as a resolved variable. (It looks like the CSS for unresolvedVariable isn’t returning the error colour)

Hmmmm. Interesting. In @psavage_jtv 's light theme screenshot, it is showing red.

Would one of you mind raising an issue on GitHub here? Have you only noticed this in v8.6.2?

I noticed it in 8.6.1 prior to just upgrading to 8.6.2

It’s red in @psavage_jtv’s second screenshot because the highlighting is correct when the field is in edit mode - it’s only when viewing the grid prior to editing that the colour seems to be off.

If it hasn’t been raised by the morning, I’ll drop a ticket in then :+1:


Thanks @neilstudd - appreciate it.

Raised below:

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@neilstudd Thanks for raising the issue. Sorry, got caught up in work and didn’t have a chance to log the bug myself.

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