"Unable to verify the first certificate" With SSL turned off and Bearer Token

hi, I’m trying to send a post request to my authorized post method in my restful api. Without having the bearer token, I get “unauthorized” response when I do the same. So it works well in this case. However when I pick the token type bearer token and paste my token, the request does not reach my post method and I get 200 Ok response with “Unable to verify the first certificate” warning.

I turned the SSL off but idk what else causes me to have this issue. Could you help to find out what this is about?

@postman3401 Welcome to Community :wave:

I see that similar issue is raised already by quite few users. And please find the links below for reference. Kindly go through and please try if that works for you :slightly_smiling_face: Not sure you have read this already!!

so the only different thing mentioned in these links is getting CA certificates. I’m trying to deal with this but it looks sort of complicated. Since I already turned the SSL option off, getting that certs look like my only chance.