Error: unable to verify the first certificate

I am able to run individual routes against our testing server, but when I attempt to run the Runner on any of these collections, the console shows me “Error: unable to verify the first certificate.” It’s locally isolated to me; the rest of my team does not have any issues.

In the Settings, I already turned off SSL certificate verification, but it still doesn’t work.

Any ideas?

Postman v7.16.1

I have just installed PostMan a I have the same problem. My solution was only in wrong settings:
This working for me:
1/ Turn off SSL cert in PostMan (you did it)
2/ And in Access for new token:

Maybe it will help you.


Excelente muchas gracias desde Costa Rica. :ok_hand:

Thanks a lot man it works

I have the same issue.
“2/ And in Access for new token:” - where should I do it? I don’t see it.

Access these website.,URL%20you%20have%20copied%20before.