Unable to send Post request in Student Expert Training

On Training Test Changed method :x:
Change the request method to POST, PUT, or DELETE.
I am unable to send a post request.
Below is the snapshot attached for reference.
POST Request/Responce :

GET Request/Responce:

@matifniaz1 Welcome to the community :partying_face:

From the snapshot you have shared I see the resources name as “matches”, but for POST, PUT and DELETE it should be as “match”

The same detail is available in the “Get Request” response.

Please re-try and let me know if you are able to proceed :blush:

Thanks @bpricilla - I done my first test that is
Changed method :x:
Change the request method to POST, PUT, or DELETE.
but result not updated. Please check below snapshot.

Also tell me how we do second one
Sent query parameter :x:
Add email as a query param, with your student training email address as the value.

In which API we used to send this.
Thanks again @bpricilla for your kind support.

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@matifniaz1 Please try to update the link here, and run your tests again.

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@bpricilla - I try above steps but no success .same issue occur.
Kindly help me to solve this issue.

Thanks, Problem resolved

Hi @bpricilla I need help, I have same the issue

but I check with Test Collection, It’s work

please need help

This is not the same issue.

You need to complete the items listed in the Skill Checker request, those will then turn into green ticks. Once they are green, save the collection, update the shared link and then check the Collection.

can you help me in sending email as query parameter