Regarding the Student Expert Training

So anyone who has done student expert training will help me.
In the begin training part when i tried to add match , the match is added .
When i getting the matches it is not showing the match i have added.
After that also the next task is for update score to the added match.

So plz help me in this.

Hi @kapilchaudhary706! Can you check that your ‘get matches’ request has the ‘status’ parameter set to ‘pending’?

Hi @suesmith yes it is done prefectly

Are you free ! We can have google meet call So that you can help me

I’m not able to call but if you can post images of your request setup for both requests I’ll see if I can spot any issues!

One other thing to check is that you have ‘inherit auth from parent’ selected in the ‘get matches’ request too…

so here are the screenshots

So Match is added still i can not get it in matches , that’s why not able to move forward on update and delete thing

Hm it looks like your api key is not coming through for the get matches request. Can you send the get matches request again and check in the console for me (click the last request to open the details) - you should see your email address added to the request headers as match_key so if it isn’t there some part of the setup is missing.

i think match is added when get matches … but not showing in pending

That looks correct to me, the match with your email address is there…!

Done Thanks a Lot Can we Connect on linkedin.

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@suesmith how to import this student skill checker , from where it is to imported ?

If you hit the New button and search for it you should be able to import it.

Hi @suesmith So I was doing student skill checker. So there is problem with the last portion while i am setting the environment variables through test script. So it is not setting up
Here is the screenshot

Hi @kapilchaudhary706! A couple of things:

  • What you need to do is set the variable with the value of the rand property from the response json data, not the text “rand”.
  • Once you have it set up you’ll need to send the request twice in order for the API to receive that value.

Hi @suesmith I have done it and submitted it. Plz verfiy and help me with student expert thing.

Hi @kapilchaudhary706, apologies for the confusion but we recently changed the process a little - for your form submission what we need is the link to the Student expert collection (the one with multiple folders and requests in it that you completed first) and not the skill checker one, so if you could grab the link from the Student expert collection Share option (same process you used for the one you included last time but with the other collection) and fill out the form again I’ll check through it for you!

Hi @suesmith Thanks for your support I have completed both student expert Collection and student skill checker. I have now filled the form with collection link of Student expert collection and submitted it. Please review it.

Great @kapilchaudhary706! All looks good so you’ll receive your student expert badges soon! :medal_sports: