Unable to post correctly on Student Expert Skill Check


I am trying to complete my Student Expert certification and I am running into a problem.

In the Skill Check section, I followed the instructions and set things up in way that seems correct.

Before I move onto adding the adding Script steps, I wanted to make sure the posting was done correctly so I added the following to the Tests section.

The instructions told me to add the Query parameter, which resulted in the ?movieName part on the URL and also told me to add the actorName property to the Body:

However when I Send, it does not appear it has been sent correctly.
I expect the result in the console to show the properties like in the practice modules but instead I get this:

It does not look like I can get the actorName property to set it to a Collection Variable via the scripts.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Thank you.

Hey @leonz003

Welcome to the Postman community! :postman:

To access that value from the response in your image, you would need to add the path to it:


The way that you have it, you have logged the entire response to the console and not a specific value.

I was kind of expecting the results to be similar to what was in the practice steps.
The output seemed different so that lead me to believe I was doing something wrong.

Your suggestion allowed me to see the data property I was expecting and I was able to move through and complete the Student Expert Cert.

Thank you very much.

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