Unable to save responses even after enabling the save response option

The response of my http requests is not being saved and instead I see the below message upon every request.

1 changes could not be saved

You don’t seem to have the required permissions to perform these actions

This was working fine without any problems until I logged into the app with my email id and setup the account to be able to sync my data.

Can anyone please let me know the permissions I need to resolve this. thanks !

Thank you very much.

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I am having exactly the same problem!

I have the same issue as well.

welp, just had to logout of the app manually and log back in. Exiting and reopening the app did not work. Logout is under the blue “star” icon in the top right.

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Anyone got solution to this issue?

Any Update on this issue??

‘blue star icon’? I dont see that…

Same Problem. Any idea?