Not able to view the Saved response for request in Collection

Hi I am trying to Save the response for the multiple requests, but once I quit the Postman application and again try to click on the request the response is not being displayed.

I did try out 2 things:

  1. Clicking on Save Responses in History section
  2. On each of the individual request, clicked on the Save button and then clicking on Save Example on each of the request.

Both of the options didnt work out. So if anyone could kindly help then that would be great.

Hey @Monika_Sahani! Just to clarify, are you trying to view the saved response by opening the app and clicking on the request in the left-hand sidebar within its collection, opening up a new tab? If so, that is just where the request is stored - the response will appear if you send the request, but it is not saved within that entity unless as an example, which must be navigated to (see 2).

For 1, if you navigate to “History” and click through your past requests, you should see the responses that were saved if they were sent with “Save Responses” enabled. If “Save Responses” was disabled when you sent the request, it should pop up as a request with no response.

For 2, these should be accessible by opening the desired request via the left-hand sidebar under its collection then in the top-right clicking on “Examples (x)”. Once you select the one you’d like to view from the dropdown, whatever is saved in that example should populate the window.

Please let me know if you’ve taken those steps and they still aren’t appearing - happy to help troubleshoot as needed.

Thanks @claire that sorts out my query.
I tried both the things and now the responses are getting saved even if I exit the Postman application