Unable to import API definition from Swagger docs

My question: Was ungraded to 10.16.4 on July 25 and now I am unable to import my API definitions from Swagger as the option is greyed out when I enter in the URL needed to access the information.

Details (like screenshots):

How I found the problem:
Developers updated APIs and code and needed to import new definitions to Postman

I’ve already tried: Using my URL to select the “OpenAPI 3.0 with a Postman Collection” option but it is not letting me click on the radio button as seen in the screenshot above.

Hi @cindi-qa,

If I’m understanding correctly, you are trying to import a Swagger file via URL to create an API within Postman.

It does not appear that you have hit your resource limit as per the tooltip, but just in case, have you created 3 APIs within your team already?

If possible, could you share a sample file or at least a portion of it so we can identify if there’s any issues with the file format or structure?

A few possible scenarios:

  1. File Format: Your file needs to be in the correct format (either JSON or YAML). If the file format is not recognized, Postman will not be able to import it correctly.
  2. API Schema: Your file needs to follow the OpenAPI 3.0 specification correctly. If the schema of your file is invalid, Postman might fail to import it.
  3. Postman Version: Make sure you are using the latest version of Postman. If you are using an older version, you might face problems with new features or fixes that have been introduced in the newer versions.

I have exceeded the limit as I have 3 APIs in each of my workspaces. I typically keep the old for CYA, import the new and then have the working set of APIs. Since collections do not have a limit, I will be able to export to a collection and remove the API version. Then I will be able to import the new version, update my collection with new/updated APIs and then remove the API definition once the collection has been updated.

You can close this ticket as I believe that I can still work efficiently within the limits that are now being set by the application.

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