OpenAPI Definition file from server not updating

When my server has a change in its api definition file (swagger.json) it’s not picked up by postman. The collection update only happens when I manually remove the definition and add it back.
Seems that the file from server doesn’t get picked up.
Or am I doing something wrong?

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Would you be able to provide more details around have you have this set up? Any information about the integration that you’re using?

Also, including some form of visual example will help to show the problem you’re facing :pray:

The definition comes from my local IIS website, swagger.

But when the swagger regen’s its definition, Postman doesn’t pick it up at all.
I have to delete the definition file and re-add it.

Hey @sjansenxaurum

We don’t support syncing the API Definition generated from a web server. You would always need to manually update that file.

You could use the Postman API to update the schema file?

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