Failing to create collection from openapi document import

My question:
Hello, we use Postman for mostly manual testing of our API gateway, as we use cucumber tests for automation. Our API gateway has 200+ endpoints. We are having issues trying to import our swagger/openapi documents into Postman with this latest version. When we try to import, we will get an error saying that there was a problem. The API would be loaded into Postman, but it isn’t creating a collection.

Details (like screenshots):
Postman: 9.29.4
Operating System: Windows 10 Professional

Reproduction Steps:

I uploaded our swagger/openapi document to github since I’m not able to add it directly here. Here’s the link:

  1. Download the above swagger/openapi document
  2. Try to import the document into the latest version of Postman (9.29.4)
  3. Receive error indicating that the import fail
  4. Wait a few moments and API will be loaded
  5. No collection is created :frowning: