Unable to generate new Oauth 2.0 access token

I’ve had an issue using OAuth 2.0 tokens for the last couple months. Sometimes it works fine for weeks on end, but sometimes I am completely unable to generate new tokens within postman.


  1. I’m using a 2015 MBP running High Sierra 10.13.6
  2. Open postman
  3. On a request, select OAuth 2.0 as auth type, add data to Request Headers
  4. Click Get New Access Token
  5. Set fields…
    1. Token name: sandbox
    2. grant type: Implicit
    3. callback url: I’ve tried https://www.getpostman.com/oauth2/callback and a random localhost one
    4. auth url: my custom oauth2 implementation url
    5. client id: postman
    6. Client authentication: Send as Basic Auth Header
  6. click Request Token
  7. Login page loads, enter credentials, click Login
  8. EXPECTED: login page to close and new token available in manage access tokens window
  9. ACTUAL: login page simply refreshes. Re-attempting does the same thing

Restarting Postman does nothing. The only work around I have found is to wipe out my entire ~/Library/Application Support/Postman directory and restart. This loses all local settings and I have to re-login. Not ideal.

Has anyone else experienced this and has a better work around? Am I doing something stupid?


Sorry, I don’t have a solution, but I’ll give you a bump because I’ve been experiencing the same thing for months and it drives me nuts.

What I’ve ended up doing as a workaround is the actually use SOAPUI to get an access token and then copy and paste the access token into Postman. I love postman for my testing, but this issue has me considering just converting to SOAPUI.

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Yeah, I can do it via a web form as well, but it’s such a pain. It’s already painful enough within postman when it doesn’t automagically use the token you just generated by default :slight_smile:

@tbehler Would be great to mention an example API which shows this problem and add a few screenshots.