Unable to find the issue in Day 29 Challenge

I am Trying to submit the 30 days Postman Challenge for getting the Badge, but i am getting below error mail as Issue in Day 29 Challenge,

“Please investigate and fix the issues listed below, then save your changes.
Ensure that you run the solution check to verify your changes and then submit again, in order to get your badge.
Check Day 29
Your submissions are checked against a main Collection to ensure a consistent result, any changes to the tests in your forked Collection could result in test failures.”
But my Day 29 collections are passed successfully in my Postman.

Kindly help to identify the issue in my Day 29 challenge.

Workspace URL:
[Postman](https://Naveenkumar Workspace)

Hey @naveeneversana :wave:

Welcome to the Postman community :postman:

After seeing you struggling with this Day’s task, I reached out via email earlier today.

I’m not sure how you have added the Collections to your Workspace but none of them appear to be forks.

The Day 29 Collection is out of date as the original has been changed. If you have forked this you would have been able to pull the changes.

Hi @danny-dainton ,

I have forked and pulled the latest changes from Original, after that when i executed the Day 29 - Post echo request, i am getting error as “TypeError: pm.execution.setNextRequest is not a function”.

When i changed to ‘postman.setNextRequest(null)’, the request passed successfully, but in Submit request, i am getting one test failed with below error,

Echo Scripts added | AssertionError: check setNextRequest test: expected ‘pm.test(“Status code is 200”, functio…’ to include ‘pm.execution.setNextRequest(null)’

Kindly help to resolve this Issue and submit for badge.

Postman Workspace

You’ll need to go through the instructions and ensure that you’re following what has been written.

I’m not sure what you have done in the pre-request script, the code snippet is in the documentation. As well as the .setNextRequest() statement required for the post-response.

The setNextRequest() function changed recently.

Which is the reason that you need to pull the latest fork as the command has a slightly different structure.

So as Danny has mentioned, you need to back over the instructions for this day, and hopefully it will be come clear what the issue is in the post-request script (aka Tests tab).

The actual error message should be guiding you here.

Hi @danny-dainton/ @michaelderekjones ,

I have followed the instructions in the Documentation and changed the Pre request script and also added the .setNextRequest() statement in post request.

After made the changes and submitted, i am getting the error as
‘There was an error in evaluating the Pre-request Script:JSONError: Unexpected token u in JSON at position 0’

That request isn’t designed to run as as individual request. That’s why the trigger webhook request has been created.

It should tell you what to do in the instructions.


I would take a look at this:

And check the documentation to see what is supposed to be there:

I can see that you have successfully been awarded the badge now. :trophy:

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