Getting error while submitting in day13 and day16

I am getting error while submitting my workspace of 30 days of Postman-for developers in day 13 and day16 but all my test cases are passing…
Workspace Id-

Hey @milindrai :wave:,

For Day 13, can you pull the changes using the view more actions menu on the Collection sidebar. There was an issue with the 3rd party API recently that required a change to be made.

For Day 16, if you’re saving a variable in a script, ensure that the value is also saved as the initial value and not just the current value.

Still getting the same error even after the pull-

For Day 13 - You need to pull the changes made in the original Collection into your fork using the Pull Changes. I’m not sure why yours says there’s no changes because there is :grimacing:

There’s a slight difference in the URL that you will need to change for the tests, the details are in the instructions.

I can see for Day 16 that you removed one of the tests from the submit request :thinking:

It looks like you have now been awarded the badge. :trophy:

Ya! I mistakenly removed the test. Thanks a lot for your help :grinning:

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