Day 16: deprecated postman.setNextRequest(null)

Day 16 cannot submit because it is expecting postman.setNextRequest(null) to be used but this is now deprecated.

Will the collection that is is forked from be updated?
Should I update the test post-response so that it could be submitted?

Hey @stwoo :wave:

What’s actually failing for you or preventing you from submitting?

Yes, that functionality is deprecated and will eventually be removed from the sandbox in the next couple of major versions but it will continue to work still.

I have used the recommended: pm.execution.setNextRequest(null)
As strikethrough font is used for : postman.setNextRequest(null)

Test fail:
FAIL: Scripts added correctly | AssertionError: pm.test: expected ‘pm.test(“Status code is 200”, functio…’ to include ‘postman.setNextRequest(null)’

I wrongly assumed that postman.setNextRequest(null) no longer worked.
I’ll revert to that for the meantime to get it submitted.


Hey @stwoo

Have you pulled in the latest changes from the source collection into your fork?

These were recently updated and the new instructions will walk through the requirements needed for that Days task.