Unable to edit collection in My Workspace

Using the Postman desktop app, version, I created a new collection under My Workspace, added a new Post request to it, and now I want to change the Auth used on the Collection, but if I click on the collection link from the “This request is using No Auth from collection” on the Request, I just get a blank screen.

If I click on the … next to the collection and choose Edit, nothing happens. Or if I open the collection menu using … and click View changelog, nothing happens. Even for older collections, that I’ve added testing to or set up variables for in the past, I can no longer edit those details. I can still rename and delete collections though.

This started happening after the last Postman update. It is like the collections are v2.0 but Postman only works with v2.1, or visa versa.

Also, and it may be related, if I click a Request within a collection nothing happens. To open it, I need to use … and choose “Open in tab”. Didn’t have to do that before.