Turn off "Do you want to save" prompt?

I’m probably using Postman the wrong way, but is there a way to turn off the prompt that asks you “Do you want to save?” when you close a tab?

This feature really irks me because I use Postman as, essentially, a GUI for curl. I don’t save a bunch of endpoints and then mass-fire them to test my API (which is what I assume Postman is meant for; cool idea but I don’t use it). On my workflow, I frequently open new tabs, rewrite the url / input, and then close the tab when I’m done testing something. Which means that the “Do you want to save” prompt annoys the heck out of me.

I have other issues with the interface too, but at least regarding this, is there a way to tell it to stop asking me? Or am I using the tool wrong?


Hey @mkrell

Thanks for writing in. This definitely is one the feature which is requested by many Postman users. We have started work on this and will be coming out soon.
This can be further tracked on one of our feature requests: https://github.com/postmanlabs/postman-app-support/issues/3386

@sujay.venaik awesome, thanks! Looking forward to it.