Unsaved Changes Persisting After Close

  • open Postman
  • create a request
  • save it


  • open the saved request
  • make some minor change (e.g., add something to the url)
  • close Postman


  • open Postman

I’d expect the changes to be gone, but they persist, despite not being saved. I have to close the request tab and re-open it. Am I missing a setting, or should I open a bug?


Hey @aavila! This is intended behavior, but I understand the confusion. When you make changes in the app without saving them, those are stored in your local data (rather than synced to the cloud). Our goal is to maintain this session data when you close/open the app for any reason (e.g. if your computer restarts unexpectedly) so that you won’t need to worry about losing any edits you may want to keep. By waiting for the user to explicitly save changes (or explicitly not save changes when closing the tab in question or logging out of one’s account in-app), we’re able to help users avoid unintentional data loss.


I’d suggest this behavior should, at the very least, be configurable, as it is unexpected and can break (or at least, complicate) workflows.

Regarding crashes/unexpected shutdowns, other applications (e.g., google chrome, my IDE, etc.) will keep unsaved changes, but will ask (prompt) on startup if they should be restored. However, they don’t do this when the program is shut down normally - doing so simply does not make sense.

synced to the cloud … logging out of one’s account in-app

I had kinda missed this fact.
Can postman be used standalone (no cloud account/syncing/etc.)? 100% don’t want or need this.

found this answer myself.
thanks again!

All good! I understand the concern. I recommend checking out this post which walks through our concept of Sessions. You may also find our page on Security helpful in terms of what measures we’ve taken to protect user data. If any additional questions/concerns come up, please feel free to reach out to us here or via our Help Center.