Can't receive the invitation

When invite the colleague as the team member by email, they can’t receive the invitation. And even they registered with the email, the account still is not activated. Could anyone can tell me how to activate them? Thanks.

Hi @paradise099,
Are you inviting the user from the app or dashboard? Do you see any error as a toast message when you try to invite the user by email? If you do not, could you ask the user to check his spam folder too once? Could you also elaborate on what you mean by the account is still not activated? If none of these work, you can write to and we’ll sort this out for you.

FWIW, I’m seeing similar behavior. Clicking Invite in the Postman GUI. From here I have an option to add emails or generating a link.

If I add emails I find that sometimes (but not always) the invitees will never get the email.

If I share a link, the recipients seems to need to ask for permission. As the sharer I never seem to get an email or notification in app that I need to do anything with this.

Postman v7.7.2. I do NOT have a pro account.

@jpjpjp Can you check if you’re the admin of the team? If not, whenever you invite someone to the team, the team’s admin will get an email that you have requested to invite users to the team. The admin can then go to the dashboard and accept the requests. Similarly, whenever you share a link (assuming you’re not the team admin) and the user requests to join the team with that link, the team’s admin, from the dashboard, has to accept the request for them to join the team.

I am the admin.

@jpjpjp You seem to the admin of the Example API workspace and not the team. Can you check if you’re the admin of your team? You can check your team role and the roles of your team members by going to

Removed screenshot containing sensitive information.

@jpjpjp I removed the screenshot which contained some sensitive information.
As @bhargav.karanam mentioned above, please write to us at from your registered email ID and we’ll look into this issue. :slight_smile: