Timeout issue when running API collection using Postman monitor

I am using api monitoring in postman for the first time and was easily able to setup/configure a monitor for my collection(contains ~200 requests) .
The monitor fails with 2 errors reporting at the end of Console Log when in between of finishing up running the request calls .
Error: callback timed out
Error: callback timed out
All my requests have a time out set for 1500 milliseconds so is this issue related . After reading in documentation I realized Monitors in postman have a limitation to run requests as often as every 5 minutes.
Is there an alternative to better handle this situation?

Any help or suggestions much appreciated?

In my current project I am also facing the same issue.
Is there any resolution to this issue.

I’m experiencing the same issue. I get two errors in a row at the end of the monitor every single run. There are about 250 requests in the collection, and this never happens with my smaller collections, and it also doesn’t happen when running the collection in Runner.

Error: callback timed out
Error: callback timed out

I’m also experiencing this on a large collection. Anything we can do (besides break up the collection)?