Increasing the 15 minute time limit on scheduled runs

We have a large collection set that takes a long time to run (around 3 hours). We would like to run this every day using a scheduled run. However, the runs seem to end prematurely with an error: “Error: callback timed out”. I’ve looked around in the settings and found a small information box in the advanced settings next to “Set request timeout” that reads: “A schedule run cannot exceed 15 minutes; i.e. 9000000 ms.”. I’ve looked at setting up a monitor but saw the same restriction.

Is it possible to change or circumvent this 15 minute limit? Or are there alternatives which make it possible to run our lenghty test set regurarly?

Hi, @descent-module-tech1. Welcome to the Postman community!

It is currently not possible to extend this limit. Have you considered running it on a CI using Postman CLI? Your run results will still show up in your Postman runs dashboard.

Thank you for your reply. I had not yet considered using the route you suggested. I am exploring the options and it seems it would be possible.
What do you mean with the Postman run dashboard? Is that the ‘History’ section?

When you run a collection using Postman CLI, it shows up on your Postman dashboard, similar to how runs with the collection runner appear. @descent-module-tech1

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