Monitors are giving Timeout after 1 minute but timeout is set to 5 minutes

Today my monitors got Error: callback timed out, after 1 minute of running, although they are set to 5 minute timeout.

The monitors have been running for months and I haven’t changed the settings. I already double checked the timeout and they are still set to 5 minutes.

(The timing of the responses in the images are wrong, every call takes at least 10 or 20 seconds each)

I suppose is something with postman, can someone help me? Is this issue happening to someone else?


We had an error: callback timed out this morning on a monitor that took 37secs to run with no failures.


We also got the same issue started since 30 May 8 am EST.
1 8:01:00 [Mobxxxxxxx Monxxxx started]

19 8:02:00 [MobileScapes Monitor finished]
20 8:02:00 [Error: callback timed out]

We are using Postman desktopVersion 9.19.0 to setup the monitor, it started running on 27 Apr and used to run properly.

It solved itself after a day. Didn´t happen again.