The HTTP method \"GET\" is not supported - How to solve?

Hey Postman people,
I’m facing with this error rising up during a GET request I’m making. I correctly set up the environment and I also ensured that the host url was starting with https. The generation of the token required for the request is correctly exploited and in fact if I try some other GET requests to the same url, they actually work. Could someone help me?

You mention that other requests are working, so it sounds like a problem with this specific request.

You haven’t included a screenshot of the actual request, showing a working vs failing one, so I can’t see if there are any formatting errors there that might be causing this.

On face value, it sounds like endpoint you are hitting doesn’t accept the GET method.

Are you sure its not a POST for example? Or a different method for this specific request?

The error you are showing is being returned by your API. As we don’t know anything about your API, the information in the remediation line sounds about correct and its a case of reviewing the documentation for that request.