Error while using GET endpoint

Receiving below error while using GET API

JSONError: Unexpected token '<' at 1:1 <!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en" class=" ltr " data-doctype="true" dir="ltr" onto ^

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Without any contextual information about what it is that youโ€™re doing and against what API - You wonโ€™t get a solution here.

Can you edit your question to include all the details and not just an error message, please.

Probably because your API is returning an HTML page instead of a JSON response. Therefore when you try to parse the response, it produces the error as it expecting JSON, which doesnโ€™t start with โ€œ<โ€ like an HTML page does.

Whether its meant to do that is as Danny said contextual.

What status code is being returned? What are you expecting?

Have a look at the response. What is it showing.

The HTML code may be an error page.