Error when url has {{host}} but fine with https://

The request is part of a collection, and I added a variable to the collection (tried an environment as well, no change) of host being https://. It runs fine with the url being fully specified in the request, but not when it’s {{host}}/. {{host} is specified w/o any https:// qualifiers, just

In the console I see the expected POST followed by a GET which seems to generate the error "The requested resource does not support http method ‘GET’ ".

Most servers redirect https traffic to http.

In the case of a 301 status code redirect, almost all clients proceed with a GET request (even when initial request is POST).

Thanks for the insight. But the server in question is set up for https, and if I type it in the url manually, it works. So I’m trying to figure out what in Postman’s collection runner is different and causing the problem.