Method not allowed

I’m attempting to return JSON notation. I’m getting

“message”: “METHOD_NOT_ALLOWED”,
“description”: “Error APIKIT:METHOD_NOT_ALLOWED”

Where should I look for the most likely places that would cause this error?

Thank you,

It seems that you have called this API using the wrong HTTP method, thus the error METHOD_NOT_ALLOWED.

Yes, that is correct. Not sure what the correct “method” should be.

This should be specified in the API documentation. Often, you need to select POST instead of GET. Try different ones.

Yeah, API documentation. That’s why I’m coming to the community for assistance. I’m new at this. I’ve done both GET and POST. So, it may have to do with the entire body code, or the host URL that makes the engine think it’s the METHOD. But I’m using the host’s api guide and their auto code generator, their headers, etc. So, there’s something like a colon or a comma out of place, or the query string parameter is not spelled quite right. etc.

@cgreene This would generally mean that the method you used when making the request isn’t allowed by the API for that endpoint. Is this a public API you’re using? If you have more info about the API, we can try to help further. I’d also suggest looking at For example, if you create a request with OPTIONS for postman-echo, you should get the following allowed methods:

Hopefully, this helps.

Hi Sabri
thank you for your reply. I got PM to work. I had to install Quick Base’s OAS to create a Quick Base specific working interface in PM. I experimented with Params, Headers and got a JSON payload. I think the crux was the Quick Base OAS needed to be installed.
Thanks again for your assistance.