Test failures when I submit my collection

All my test are passing but still getting below errors when submitting.

    "completed": false,
    "message": "Oops! Your collection is still missing some parts. Check out what's missing below and go back through the steps in the request documentation. 🙂",
    "fails": [
        "No pre-request script included",
        "Not all tests included",
        "No script parsing response body with pm.response.json syntax (each request)",
        "No script setting a global variable (requests 1-3)",
        "Assignment 1: Save sku variable - not completed",
        "Assignment 2: Save orderId - not completed",
        "Assignment 3: Check for 201 status - not completed",
        "Assignment 4: Check created property - not completed",
        "Assignment 4: Check for true value - not completed",
        "Assignment 4: Check for number - not completed",
        "No to.have.status test (requests 1, 3)",
        "No to.have.property test (request 1)",
        "No to.be.a type check (requests 1-3)",
        "No to.eql property value equality check (request 2)",
        "No script setting request execution order (request 4)",
        "No to.have.jsonSchema validation test (request 4)"