Failing "Requests and Tests" added correctly

Hi everyone -

I am having trouble passing the “Requests added correctly” and “Tests added correctly” test in my submit request for the Day 6 - Tests. It seems like the requests are not sent?

Here is the error I’m seeing:

And here are the tests I wrote:

Here is the link to my workspace:

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I only have limited visibility here as I’m away from my machine but it appears to look fine. :thinking:

I would suggest that you ensure everything is saved (all tabs), the names of the requests and folders are as per the documentation, the collection_uid is set correctly and try again.

You can check your tests have been added correctly by sending the jokes request.

The checks for the solution are based on the response coming back from that particular request (which is the full collection) , if you check the body tab and do a search on a test that you have added (try checking the name of the test) you will know if its part of the Collection.

Thank you for your response. I checked very carefully the spelling and all details, but i could not find the solution. Browsing this forum i found the same issue (link: Postman 30 Day Challange Day 06 - Why do tests 4 and 5 FAIL? - #2 by kevinc-postman). And it helped only by changing the collectionsUid address. It worked for this id: 28602018-b4d5e3ad-ac01-42d8-a145-3e31efcbaac6. But in documentation i found this id:

The collection Uid appears to be incorrect.

For the work space you shared in your initial post.

Yet for some reason, your submit request is pointing to 28602018-cd41828d-03b4-4410-9aaa-c8dd17d05274

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