Test different user permission

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My question:
I want to test different user permission. For example, I have Read-Write user and Read-Only user.

Details (like screenshots):

  1. Use Read-Only user to send a request. Then check the user from the response. It is the Read-Only user.
  2. Use Read-Write user to send a request. Then check the user from the response. It is stll the Read-Only user as the first step. Not the Read-Write user.
  3. Restart Postman several times and use Read-Write user to send a request. It can be changed to the Read-Write user.

It looks like the previous user is still in the cache

How I found the problem:

I’ve already tried:

How are you authenticating the request?

Thanks for your replying.

I use NTLM Authentication. I have several collections. Each collection is for one user.

All requests in the collection uses “Inherit auth from parent…” as authorization.

I don’t know why it would cache the login, as it appears that the username\password is defined in the authorization helper.

For troubleshooting purposes, I would create a new collection that contains a single folder.

Then create two identical requests in it. One for each username.

Ensure that the collection\folder and requests are all set to ‘inherit from parent’

Finally, set the authorization on the individual requests. With the different username and passwords.

What results do you get from that?

Not really sure what this helper is doing, as I thought NTLM is a single sign on method which usually takes the credentials of the logged in user.