Requests won't adopt auth-method from collection

I have set up a collection and set the authorization method to “Basic Auth” and entered variables as credentials.
When I look at the folders’ settings the authentication method set by default is “Inherit auth from parent” but the individual requests all have their authentication method set to “Basic Auth” and the credentials are as it seems some default ( and ).
What can I do to make the individual request inherit the authentication method + credentials from the collection’s settings without having to set it to “Inherit auth from parent” manually?


Hi @Max4,

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So by default, each new request should “inherit auth from parent”, at which would be inheriting auth from the collection. So at some point, it must have been changed manually to set those individual requests.

To my knowledge, there is no bulk way to change the authentication mechanism for each individual request in a bulk fashion. However, if you were interested in doing some scripting, you can hypothetically change all of these request authorizations by exporting the collection, then writing a script to read the json of the exported collection (thats all the collection is, just metadata in json), and then set the authorization to inherit from parent.

I have not done this personally, but from what I know, it should theoretically be possible.

Hope this helps!

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Yes this has been helpful, thank you. If I find the time I will give it a try.

Hi @Max4,

Sure! let us know if it works.