401 Auth error when collection has APIs authenticated by different users

Hello Team,
I have a collection that has 2 folders. In Folder 1 I have some tests that are authenticated via Basic authentication by user name User1/Password1. In the second folder, I have another bunch of APIs to be tested, that are authenticated via a different user User2/Password2. When I run the entire collection, the tests in the first folder run fine, but when it comes to testing the second folder, all the tests fail with 403 forbidden error. If we only run the first folder, then restart postman and run the second folder tests, they go through fine.
I am getting a feeling that Postman is caching the user credentials and applying it for all the tests without respecting the authorisation maintained on the folder level.
Please help. We have customers testing our API and we cannot ask them to restart postman after they have run test for one scenario

You could use the Postman console to check what Postman is sending in the Authorization header.