Sync of URLs not correctly working

Running Postman 7.1.1 on Mac and Linux.

I am working with environments and my URLs on my master dev system (Mac) use the {{url}} variable for testing my requests in different environments.

Changes e.g. to the name of request etc. is directly reflected via sync on a parallel open Postman instances on Linux. However I still see URLs on this instance with hardcoded hostnames rather than the ones with {{url}}. So the sync process seems to be a bit weird or confused…many option for bringing the confused instances back in sync ?

@zopyx You can manually click on the Sync icon to force the app to sync.
It should sync without doing this however, as long as the icon is orange and not a blue sync icon.
It could be possible that there is a delay in the syncing from one -> cloud -> other system.

Sometimes logging out and back in on all systems helps.