Environment Variable syncing issues across team members

My team members and I have a lot of variable synching issues. We currently only use Environment variables as we monitor all or our collections. We all use the Postman App itself, but I also use the Web version for running monitors manually. We have tried a couple of different processes, and our issue is intermittent.

But, a lot of times what happens is a member will create and add a new Environment variable to one of our workspaces, and enter the data in the “initial value” column. They will run the collection which uses that variable and once complete, assign it to myself for a code review. When I launch postman, I try to remember to “reset” all variables, but I do sometime forget. However, the issue that will occur, is I will not see the variable at all. Or, sometimes I will get a ‘stale’ version of the variable.

I am located in the US, and the rest of my team is located in India, but I don’t think that should matter. We tried different methods of creating a new variable and adding the data to both the ‘initial value’ and ‘current value’, or adding it just to the ‘initial value’ and remembering to ‘reset all’ before execution, but we still seem to run into the issue periodically. We’ve also tried logging out of Postman itself and logging back in. But none of this seems to work.

Does anyone else face this issue? Is there a process we should follow when creating new variables that would help with this? Could it be related to using both the postman app and the web version?

Any help would be much appreciated!

Hey @jdeberadinis :wave:

Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear you are having issues with sharing environments.

Just to be clear, you are unable to see initial values of environments, is that correct?
As explained in the following article, current values are only local and not synced or shared:

Are you seeing any syncing issue for collections or only for environments?

If the issue is persisting, please feel free to submit your support request from below link so that we can investigate your case in detail :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @taehoshino . Thanks for the response. It looks like your documentation on using Variables has been updated some recently? It is a little more clear, and I do believe we are mostly doing this.

We have 2 separate issues that we face periodically.

One issue is that a team member in India will add a new variable and save it. When I then open my Postman app, I do not see this new variable at all. This issue doesn’t happen too often, but has occurred a few times (most recently on yesterday when I logged this question).

The second issue we have, which seems to occur a bit more often - A team member in India will add a new variable and save it. They will then make changes to that variable and re-save it. When I then open my Postman app, I don’t always see the changes they made to that variable. I only see what they originally set. I am guessing this has something to do with how they are changing the variable?

Our synching issues only seem to occur with variables. I don’t believe we have ran into any issues with our collections.


Hey @jdeberadinis :wave: Thanks for your response!

For the second issue that you mentioned, is your team member editing “initial value” and not “current value”?

If you repeatedly see the issue occurring, please do submit a support request from the following link so that our support team can investigate the issue further :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, we have tried both ways for the second issue. Updating the “initial value”, Updating the “current value”, and updating both.

Which do you recommend we should update?


As mentioned in our learning center article shared previously, “current value” is local to a local session and other members will not have access. So if you would like to share values, “initial value” should be used.

Ok, thanks @taehoshino . We seem to be facing the first issue a bit more now. Perhaps I will log another ticket with the support team.


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