Sync Issue? Missing Examples in documentation

note: this happens in ALL browsers

Postman was the last thing I was using last night before I went to sleep, everything was working fine. I was adding requests and making examples and viewing them in the docs online.

For some reason, this morning, the examples are gone. I’ve never seen this before.

Edit: It’s been a week, and still having the same issue.

Here’s an image showing I have examples that aren’t showing.

Here’s an image showing an endpoint that has three examples, the dropdown is showing but nothing is there.

Here you can see my examples do indeed exist and aren’t just empty requests.

Hey @danmcadams :wave: Welcome to the Postman community and thanks so much for reporting this :pray:

Also thanks for submitting your support request! We are now looking into the case and keep you posted in the support ticket :slightly_smiling_face:

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