API Documentation showing wrong Example Requests

I am new to Postman and working on API documentation. I’ve noticed that occasionally the Example Requests are wrong and I don’t seem to have control over it.

For example, I have a PUT function with a JSON body requirement. The Example Request is showing a different GET function from elsewhere in the documentation.

How can this be fixed? I’ve included a screenshot of what I’m seeing on the site. I’ve tried resaving/resyncing and it doesn’t work.

This seems to be a glitch. I have two collections. If I copy one to another, the example request will always match what it was before the copy, reglardless of any changes made.

Hey @jeffrey,

That’s strange. I don’t have a whole lot of advice here other than to make sure you’re hitting the Save button after making changes. I find that most of the issues I run into that are similar to this are because I assume saves are automatic since syncing is automatic… but that’s not the case.



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Not honestly sure if this will help but just in case, the examples in the right sidebar are pulled from examples you have saved with your requests (if your requests have saved examples - otherwise the content is just pulled from the request itself), so it may be worth checking the examples for your requests in the Postman app (top right of the request). If you send a request and save an example from there, it should populate from the request / response data you send / receive at that time. Bit more info in docs.


Thanks for the help. Before now I’ve fixed the issue by deleting the call and recreating it, not noticing the Example options in the upper right. That should help me moving forward.

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