Default example on my API documentation

Hi everyone,

I’ve got another question about the examples within Postman.

All my current examples comes directly from the YAML. I’ve got examples for a code 200, but also 400 and 500.

I want that the documentation displays by default the code 200-examples. Right now, this is pretty random and sadly, I couldn’t find a way to trick the system into displaying by default a specific example.

Am I missing something there ? It doesn’t seem to be orderer by alphabetical order …

Hi there @steven_kp - looks like there’s a couple feature requests re: ordering examples, and the order of examples when importing from YAML if you’re using the OpenAPI specification format.

Feel free to upvote the issue(s) appropriately on GitHub && weigh in with your specific use case, so that the engineering team knows what you’re trying to do.

Thank you
This is exactly the type of feature I’m looking for. Glad to see I’m not the only one.