Standing up a new integrations testing org

Hi Postman World!

I’m taking on a pet project to standardize my team’s collaboration with our product and engineering teams. We routinely build & scope integrations with third-party APIs. These are then formalized by our backend team into product integrations.

I’m seeking guidance on a few key features where I believe Postman and its suite of tools or integrations might position me quite well:

  • Version control: several team members might wish to access a collection and explore/customize their requests to that vendor’s API. I’d like to ensure there is a Github style versioning so we can inherit or review & merge progress by others.

  • Testing: we generally receive valid credentials to authorize all requests to a production instance of the vendor’s platform. A key component of scoping the integration is to observe the performance and scalability. For example, we might want to try executing 10/20/50 requests/s to check for rate-limiting errors. We also might test methods for parsing the API responses.

  • Documentation: We’d like to push files or similar to describe testing results and the expected behavior for our engineering team. There are a number of libraries that convert JSON schemas to Markdown but not sure if these are a scalable approach.

Any feedback or recommended add-ons for Postman is greatly appreciated!

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For the second point, executing 10/20/50 requests is very well done through postman. I have checked the rate limit for our application by creating a collection and using data file.
In your case it would be as simple as grouping the requests in a collection and executing through collection runner with iteration value want to hit the requests.

For point three, you can run collection through newman cli and html-extra to get very detailed and nicely formatted report

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